Recent talks

Intro to React Testing Library

Enzyme has been a go-to test utility library in the React ecosystem for a while. In this talk, I introduce the new kid on the block - React Testing Library. I show the pitfalls of testing implementation detauls which Enzyme encourages.

Dec 16, 2020

Intro to TypeScript

I introduced TypeScript to my team and talked about how it's benefits were beyond finding bugs at compile time but also made us accountable/honest while coding and helped with api-driven development

Dec 01, 2019

Intro to GraphQL- A new way to think about APIs

During this talk, I introduced GraphQL to my colleagues and juxtapose it with good ol' faithful REST and identify the 'problems' GraphQL solves

Feb 03, 2019

Styled-Components in React

In this talk, I focus on the different styling option in React and how styled-components makes styling easier by keeping styles and components together

Aug 14, 2018

Virtual Ventures -Programming

In this talk, I gave a short presentation to high schoolers on programming and how it affects the world around us. We capped it off with creating a random number generator to win some prizes

May 14, 2018