Who am I?

Hey! I'm Elom Tsiagbey (pronounced Chi-Ag-Bay). I'm a techie at heart and easily gravitate towards anything that has a chip in it. (I have to pause here to give a shoutout to my mom for enduring the countless pieces of tech I broke as a kid)

I've called Ottawa, Canada home since 2006 and graduated from Carleton University with Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a minor in Math. I currently work as Software Developer for Shopify as part of the team helping make commerce better for everyone!

My recent interest include giving talks on different subjects in the programming hemisphere. I believe I have the knack to break down complex topics into bite sizes for easier consumption. Not only does it reinforce my understanding but it forces me to constantly learn new things and I get to share it.

Outside of work I enjoy podcasts and have a nice rotation on different subjects ranging from comedy to food and obviosuly tech. I love to cook and often dream of risking it all for a restaurant, but till then, I'll settle for cooking for my wife and son.

I hope to use this medium to share snippets of code or articles of new things I learn and to also give product reviews of tech I play with. There will be some food and occasional ramblings. Pop in here from time to time; You know you want to. You can contact me as well


image of Elom